AUTO / ∆T "Way Of The Dolphin / After-Image" RARE SYNTH WAVE TECHNO HOUSE 7"

  • $ 15.00

"This mysterious label came to us out of nowhere and it is quality all around . Acoustic Division has ties to the both the Chicago House scene, and the Texas Dance scene ( Convextion etc..) The first release is hot...Way Of The Dolphin is slow burning, hard bearing Drexciyan styled electro. Waves of synthesizers swell over a series of crisp Roland drum boxes which provide the measured beat down. After Image holds court in the club with a massive hollow bass line, an incessant clave. The beat drops only to get pushed out of the way by another rhythm. The cycle of production continues, as the track flips over and over, forcing itself and everything around it into mechanic submission. Limited 300 7 Inches for the World!"

Vinyl: VG+ / Jacket: Generic


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