• $ 5.00

some dudes review on ebay.. 

This is one of those slow moving ridicuosly odd late seventies/early eighties movies that you will only want to see because you love Richard Hell so much. And if you love Richard Hell very very much you won't be dissapointed that you spent 10 dollars on this film because you get to see him play in the movie and he is the star. You also see Andy Warhol for a second in a strange and random part. The whole thing is interesting and worth seeing but the plot, story, and acting are cheesy and dumb and not well done but funny in a really boring way. Some highlights are when Hell's girlfriend kicks him out of his car and some street shots of 70's nyc. If you love Richard Hell buy it, if you just like Richard Hell probably don't unless you love weird made for tv type early 80's movies.


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