E.R. "Letu Sinega (ሌቱ ሲነጋ) Dawn" 1432 R ETHIOPIA IDM TECHNO DEEP HOUSE 12"

  • $ 8.00

Ethiopian Records, returns to 1432 R with Letu Sinega (The Dawn). Using a combination of traditional Ethiopian scales and instruments with modern hardware, E.R. expands on many of the ideas laid out on his debut record. stitching his country's past to the present. Letu Sinega seamlessly moves from dreamy, ambient passages to grizzled, warped beats, balancing romance and grit in equal measure. Hand drums, vocal ribbons, and rugged basslines color shifting polyrhythms throughout.
"After all the wind and fuss, and empty or beautiful words, what matters is the music. Forget about all your preconceptions when you listen to a piece. Forget about all the labels even if you found the music you are listening to through passing by in this or that section in the music store. Just forget about where you found it. Close your eyes and absorb yourself in the moment. Listen, truly listen, and try to feel what the music is doing to you." -Ethiopian Records

1432 R /// 1432R006

Vinyl: NM / Jacket: Generic

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