MATT O'BRIEN "Remixes From The Periphery" DEEP HOUSE TECHNO 12"

MATT O'BRIEN "Remixes From The Periphery" DEEP HOUSE TECHNO 12"

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For the latest Off-key outing, we turned to some of our favourite producers to to remix our previous release, From The Periphery. Label boss Matt explains the rationale behind choosing each remixer:  

"One of the first names on the list was Schatrax, aka Josh Brent. I've never been a completist when it comes to buying vinyl but I used to scour the second hand shops round London hunting down every last Schatrax release. I was thrilled when Josh agreed to remix "Dodaso" and the result is a beautifully deep reworking. Another producer on the original shortlist was Todd Sines as I've been a fan of his stripped back, tweaking minimalism for some time. Todd also remixed "Dodaso" but took a very different approach, turning it into a typically fucked up and funky track in true .xtrak style.   On the flip I turned to some newer producers, the first of which is KiNK, who caught my attention with the twisted sound of his solo releases as well as collaborations with Neville Watson on Rush Hour. His remix of "The Gauntlet" remains quite faithful to the original whilst also instilling it with his own trippy and unique style.   Last up is Peder Mannerfelt, aka The Subliminal Kid, who had become the only artist released on Off-key through a demo submission. Peder ended up having a stellar year as part of the production team behind Fever Ray so I was very happy to have him remix the final track for this release. He's taken Blackwood Freestyle and mutated it into a rolling dub inflected groover."

Off-key Industries /// OK005

Vinyl: NM / Jacket: Generic

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