Budweiser Showdown "Tournament Of Jams" 80s Funk Boogie T-Shirt - White

  • $ 25.00

Funk Fans rejoice as our favorite record label, brought to you by Budweiser and Starstream Communications Group Inc. Houston /  New York , finally gets a proper T-shirt.   The Tournament of Jams was an American music contest, organized from 1983 to 1989, where contestants competed for cash prizes, radio airtime, and record deals. The Budweiser Showdown label featured event winners, and these remain some of the most sought after 80s funk releases from the era. Celebrate a time when only radio could jump start your musical career, and show your love for the artists and bands who dominated the airwaves;  Chaz, Titus, Gypsy Wade, Mac Band, Romel Westwood, Cheryl Hunter, Essence, Direct Drive Band, Shyy, Aw-Sum, Phresh, Zero Hour, Pressure Point, Debow, Grand Staff, Styyle, Porsche Band, Somerset, Stone Jamm, Horizon, Exit, Elans, 44 East, Ramsey 2C 3D, Seduction Band, Prasz, Jade, Magic, Showcase, Together, Onyx, and Basic Black Band.

T-Shirt : Delta Pro Weight 5.2 oz 100% Cotton

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