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The final Bangers & Ash salvo for 2013 shudders into view on all hallows' eve, with two dangerously unhinged modular experiments from Brooklyn's Oliver Chapoy, aka Certain Creatures. Featuring a spine-chilling journey through the New York underworld narrated by Ike Yard (Stuart Argabright / Black Rain), as well as a monstrous techno excursion punctuated by otherworldly synth malaise, Certain Creatures' debut 12" is a harrowing entry in the BASH canon.

For the Ash side, Ike Yard introduces a city haunted by the specter of crime and corruption. It's a journey helmed from improvised modular synthesizer techniques, relying on Argabright's vocals to provide a suitably creeping backdrop for Chapoy's steadily growing sense of panic and fear wrought from his machines. Pepper spray and flashlights would do a listener well.

The Bangers’ "Bosch" morphs from a sub-bass pulse into careening shards of light and guttural bursts of electrons, ricocheting off one another into a rampaging beast of massive proportions. The chaos swells into an alarming array of rhythmic cadences, enveloping the composition in a barely-contained atmosphere of dread and fury.

Released as a limited run of 300 hand-stamped 12‰۝ records. Front cover design by Bryan Collins, screen-printed by SUS and Certain Creatures at Bushwick Print Lab.

Mastered and cut by Dietrich Schonemann. Pressed at United Record Pressing in Tennessee. Packaged by SUS in NYC. Distributed by Kudos.

Styles Upon Styles /// BASH005

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