• $ 13.99

Some lovely deep lush house tunes on this one! Karlos Moran continues to release more bonafide classic US Deep House music on his own Moran Music Group label (which was started for him especially by the people behind Klasse Wrecks). The 4th in the series see Karlos take on the classic House hit 'Love Cant Turn Around' and provides good opportunity to showcase his passion for the combination of loose drum machine grooves and heartfelt vocal action. Recorded whilst staying with his father in Mayfield, Kentucky the four tracker delves into similar territories as before, featuring more of the same lush melodic deepness and authentic emotions mix together whilst the B1 (Praying 2 Frankie) gives the young producer a chance to show off his guitar skills. That b2 track is just so nice!!! Recommended.

Moran Music Group /// MMG004

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