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NEW DISCOVERY!!!  Factory Sealed Deadstock

At the age 16, DC Da Messenger was the motivating force behind a very talented singing and rap group called DC Rap Kids, which consisted largely of some very creative and innovated family members, including his younger brother and three cousins. Compositions like "World War III", "video Games", "The Smurfs", DC Rap Kids Theme" and of course "Big Chance" showed his early genius at writing with message and meaning.

However, limited by lack of industry knowledge and capitol backing, the "Big Chance" never came. Eventually DC Rap Kids evolved into "DC Delinquent Teens". Da Messenger persevered and stuck to his guns, refusing to compromise his unique art form. This landed him a job with the Everyday Theater Youth Ensemble(ET), where he finally felt the "hype" of performing for more than just family and he loved it. Now more than ever, he vowed never to turn back. His experience with ET was the best thin that could have happened to Da Messenger.

After Everyday Theater, Da Messenger tried to once again pull his family along, but realized that nothing happens overnight. All but one has been lost to the streets, including himself. He has never let go of his dream and remains determined to achieve whatever it was that DC Rap Kids set out to do nine years ago. He look back and wonders how many really talented undiscovered kid never get a chance to achieve their dreams, but fall victim to the stone cold street of hustling, drug abuse, robbery and everything that comes with it. On that tragic note, he dedicates the singles "AVENUE BUM RUSH",and "IT'S ON YOU".

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