Democratic Convention 2000 (Los Angeles) ~ Vintage ~ Rare Political Protest T-Shirt (Large)

  • $ 25.00

Legendary "memorabilia" from a historical DNC (2000 in Los Angeles)!! This was the year Bush would go on to steal Gore's victory!! Rage Against The Machine played to protestors outside!! The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship & fans rioted!! Total chaos!!

Large scale, sometimes violent protests took place outside of the Staples Center as well as throughout downtown Los Angeles. Protest groups ranged from anti-abortion supporters, to homeless activists, to anti-globalization protestors, and anarchists. Out of increased fear after the surprise mass-protests at the 1999 "Battle for Seattle" WTO protests, media coverage and LAPD concern were heightened for the event.  Concerns were further raised when violent riots also broke out after the Los Angeles Lakers won the 2000 National Basketball Association Championship only a few months before the convention. Originally, a "Protest Zone" was designated a city block away from the Staples Center, but a court order forced the zone moved immediately adjacent to the arena, in a parking lot.  The protests became violent during the first evening of the convention, and many different protests, some orderly, some violent, took place over the full four days of the convention. There were numerous arrests, injuries and property damage, but the protests were less than originally feared. The band Rage Against the Machine played outside the convention showing its disdain of the policies being promoted inside the building.

Pit-to-Pit Measurements: 22"

Size: LARGE /// Condition: 9/10 

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