E.R. "Letu Sinega EP (Dawn)" 1432 R ETHIOPIAN HOUSE TECHNO 12"

  • $ 9.99

Expanding on his signature mix of traditional Ethiopian music and modern hardware, with subtle nods to hip-hop and UK garage, all worked into something wholly different. Hand drumming, vocal ribbons and rugged basslines run wild through Letu Sinega’s shifting polyrhythms, with vibes that range from meditative to mad.
‘After all the wind and fuss, and empty or beautiful words,’ avers ER, ‘what matters is the music. Forget about all your preconceptions when you listen to a piece. Forget about all the labels ... forget about where you found it. Close your eyes and absorb yourself in the moment. Listen, truly listen, and try to feel what the music is doing to you.’

1432 R /// 1432R006

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