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Ekman's third solo release for Berceuse Heroique, is an acronym for "Gizmo Made Me Do It." When taken alongside Ekman's philosophy on making music (in an interview last year, he said: "every creation starts with destruction"), it speaks to a synchronicity between him and the Berceuse Heroique boss. Ekman's music, frayed and confrontational, is extremely well suited to Gizmo's label. "GMMDI" is unhinged—and then there's the artwork: a man aiming an assault rifle out a window with the expression of someone whose Christmases have come all at once. The drums resemble a rockslide as they fall relentlessly, rattling the track's gristly stretches of acid and rave keys as they tumble. Breaker 1 2, who released a split EP with Ekman on Berceuse Heroique last year, provides a remix that trims the hair from Ekman's ragged original, and exposes something equally mean in the process. By smoothing out the acid lines and fitting it with a more stable 909 thud, Breaker 1 2 lets its riff swagger into the midst of things, strutting like a school bully. It's neater, but the remix is the more imposing of the two.

Berceuse Heroique /// BH 015

Vinyl: NM / Jacket: NM

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