• $ 75.00

EARCAVE FAVE!!! Discogs comments... "One of the finest electronic tunes every made. Takes you in a absolute trance. Perfect tune to finish a long night. Sampled by Mills on 'black is the number' on his classic Purpose Maker series."
"The only way to get the original full length 6:34 LP version of Remember on an original official 12" is on this US Atlantic commercial-only 12" of Remember b/w Dream On that you had to buy in record stores because it was not distributed through record pools, and on the Canadian Celebration 12". Atlantic did not designate sides on this commercial US 12" with a letter or a number. Personally, I do not ever recall seeing this 12" in any of the top record stores in NY City during the 1980s. This is unusual because Atlantic promoted the Face To Face LP through record pools, as well as the promo 12" of a shorter remixed version of Remember that did not have the distinctive intro found on the LP version and bore only a slight resemblance to the full length LP version. Most top NY City DJs played the 6:34 LP version. Not much of a production run on the US Atlantic commercial 12" of Remember b/w Dream On." 

Vinyl: NM / Jacket: Generic (original label sleeve!)

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