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Profile: Dario Troso aka GHOPER

Born in Lecce, Italy, on the 26th of September 1971, he´s one of the key figures in italian underground music scene. Active in the punk-rock scene since 1984, he also pioneered italian rap and reggae on the microphone and as a producer, bringing the punk rock attitude in black music through all these years. He also toured the world as a DJ, and produced experimental albums, mixing genres and using samples from a wide range of vinyls from his huge collection.
1984-1986 : BAD WAYS (punk-rock) / MILITANT BUSKERS (punk-rock)
1986-1987 : SUBNOISE (punk-rock) / TRASH SURFERS (garage-punk / surf) / LE TRE PAPERELLE SKIZZOBILLY (psychobilly)
1987-1989 : FRATTURA (hardcore-punk) / NOVALGINA (punk-rock)
1990-1992 : ISOLA POSSE ALL STARS (hardcore-rap) / RABID DUCK (hardcore-punk)
1993-1995 : solo / 1995-1998 : SUD SOUND SYSTEM (reggae)
1996 : RUN PATTY RUN (hardcore-punk) as a producer
1998-2001 : solo
2001-2002 : NEO-EX (hardcore-rap)
2002-2010 : solo
2010-2012: KING BLESO & THE VOODOO SOUL UNLIMITED (garage-punk / soul / funk)
2013 : RIP DYNAMICS (punk-rock)
2014-present : FAKIRS BAY (punk-rock)

New Boy Shit Trax /// NB$T014

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