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Words from Mark himself...

I sang in my Grandmother's church choir and my oldest sister Denise always played music from the 60's & 70's. When I was 19 I joined a group called the 'Precision Band', they were a few years younger than me and the amazing drummer was in junior high. I left that band after a year and started writing my originals and a few of them would play on my recordings because they understood I was a perfectionist. I always had a business mind and started 'Balladeer Records' as well as 'Mark Mitchell publishing' in BMI at age 19. Locally my music was well received and played at radio stations across the state of Michigan. I released 4 records total and they are always about love and relationships due to my 60's & 70's influences.

I recorded these tracks ('How Can I?' & 'All Your Love') with Juan Atkins, a friend from a neighboring high school, and his group 'Cybotron' who landed a record deal and offered me a chance to record in their new and high-tech studio. I was very excited and grateful. Juan and I also attended some courses together in college (songwriting and music business), Juan (Robot 500) Rick (3070) and Jon 5 all contributed to this started that night with my drum track bass line and synth flavor and of course lyrics and melodies, those guys took me to another level. I was always known for always being prepared for any session.

I have performed on TV shows and toured with Ebony Fashion Fair when I was 20. I opened for Al Hudson and they thought I shouldn't have been opening up for them because they never heard of me. My record "Pretty Baby" had only been released a week prior and when my show was over they invited me to hangout in their dressing room and gave me props.

What is the message that you want people to hear in your music?

When you believe in love and relationships, you really feel that my messages can help guide you through!

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