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The enigmatic electro/synth funk artist known as Million Dollar Ecstacy is actually the work of multi-instrumentalist songwriter Schyl Perry. In 1987, Perry released this self-titled eight song private press 12‰۝ on the Sacred Light label.

Drawing from influences both expected (Michael Jackson, Prince, Quincy Jones) and unexpected (Kiss, Jackie Wilson and L.L. Cool J), this unique and seldom-heard record exhibits some of the most adventurous electro-funk sounds of its era, accompanied by colorful samples and bold instrumental flourishes. Lyrically, Perry’s songs illustrate the disparities he observed in the world around him at the time: the greed and projected opulence of ‘80’s Oakland street culture, as well as the darker implications of the crack epidemic of the time.

The album has experienced a renewed interest among collectors in the ensuing years, often fetching more than $150 for original copies. Manufactured Recordings is proud to make this lost classic available again for the first time in 28 years. This CD reissue includes all 8 original tracks, as well as never before released photos of Perry, liner notes and an interview conducted by noted hip-hop/ funk collector and columnist Chairman Jeff Mao, all of which are unique to this release.

Manufactured Recordings /// MFG-030

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