RAMZi "Phobiza Amor Fati' Vol. 3" BALEARIC COSMIC NEW AGE 12"

RAMZi "Phobiza Amor Fati' Vol. 3" BALEARIC COSMIC NEW AGE 12"

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"It was a bit unexpected, but RAMZi became sort of like an alter ego, my subconscious, my intuition or my inner child that is neither a boy or a girl." That's how the French-Canadian producer Phoebé Guillemot once described her alias. RAMZi, she suggested, is a window to a parallel world. While Guillemot may be influenced by Jon Hassell, Alice Coltrane, South-East Asian pop music and her time spent in Vancouver's house and techno scene, her "Fifth World" compositions rattle and crackle in their own striking way.

Amor Fati is the third and last volume in the Phobiza series. As the titles of her last two EPs suggest, Phobiza 'Dia' Vol. 1 was bright and dense, and Phobiza 'Noite' Vol. 2 was more gloomy, less textured. The length of Amor Fati allows Guillemot to be more comprehensive, exploring various moods and tones from track to track. There's less straightforward ambience here than in her earlier work, and a greater focus on rhythm, which allows her to explore more intensely the environments she creates.

"Ya Chaki," for example, is hazy all throughout the mids, with muted pads and soft bird calls that evoke sunshine and mist. On tracks such as "Det Calash," featuring Regularfantasy, there are several layers to parse through. Everything seems to echo and rotate from the background to the foreground, from the flutes to the pitched-down vocals. Creating lushness out of minimalism has always been key to Guillemot's production, and she's in top form here. "Warhasu," featuring Hashman Deejay, sets the chirping of cicadas against a smooth and constant breakbeat. Throughout its 40-minutes, Amor Fati is weird, gorgeous and constantly transforming. - RA Nina Posner


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