The Funky Drive Band "Lost Generation / She's On My Mind" BOOGIE FOXX SYNTH BOOGIE 12" + FANZINE

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The Funky Drive Band ''Lost Generation / She’s On My Mind'' Boogie Foxx Records & Tapes!!! Plus 48 page color magazine!!!

Limited press 500 copies. Including "The Sounds Of Music" fanzine (Issue #1)
We are happy to present to you soon the first issue of our Fanzine: The Sounds Of Music!!! 48 color pages dedicated to Funk culture and all that can gravitate around!!! Coming Soon, mid-June!!!! You will find the news about Modern Funk releases and Funk reissues, Interviews: Krystol, Barry Strutt (Mystic Merlin), Kevin Robinson (BB&Q Band / Kinky Foxx / Network), Yvonne Gage, Mini Curry, Wayne Watts (The DIT Band), Moniquea, Beverly Girl, Tim Zawada (Star Creature), DJ Debo (Funk Freaks), DJ Blaster B, Andre LeRoy Davis (The Source), Foxybronx (Soul Street Magazine)… Articles, files, record reviews, and many other sections!!!
Attention Limited Edition

Boogie Foxx Records & Tapes /// BFRT003

Condition : NEW -/ corners of 12" jacket are bent

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