XEEROX "1979 - 1981 (Recuerdo Espectral De Un Viejo Decorado Eléctrico)" RARE NO WAVE LP

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Oh gosh, this is so ace. The increasingly impressive Anomia label bring to the world an incredible first ever issue of Xeerox tracks, featuring the earliest known recordings of Krishna Goineau, vocalist for Liasons Dangereuses. As regaled in the accompanying 14-page booklet of notes and photos, Xeerox formed in Barcelona when a 15 year old Krishna (calling himself Jerry Latex) met Javier Hernando at a record store called Gay&Co. The two bonded over Pere Ubu's 'Datapanik in the Year Zero' and a mutual love of Neu!, Kraftwerk and Crass, and formed Xeerox along with Germán Lázaro, Mario Almonacid, Magda Redondo, Cheity, Raul Guber and Luis Loreno. In the finest No Wave punk tradition they could barely play instruments, but, as evidenced on these previously unreleased recordings, they could still make a filthy f**king racket full of burned-out motorik thrust, reversed tape loops and guttural holler. The tape recordings have since degraded with a lovely metallic gritiness, but the group's vitality still burns like zinc. This is a straight essential for anyone with an interest in early, revolutionary wave music.

Anòmia /// ANM006

Vinyl: NM / Jacket: NM

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