Zackey Force Funk & XL Middleton "Blue Blade Piranha" VOCODER BOOGIE FUNK LP

  • $ 25.99

It's the collaboration that the modern funk world has been waiting for - Blue Blade Piranha is basically a Zackey Force Funk album, produced in its entirety by XL Middleton. You've already heard the first single "Jam Likely," originally released pre-covid, and the subsequent previews "Commando" & "Tie Me Up." Now, get ready for the full-length, which takes the journey from the streets to the stars.

"Glide Through Galaxy" has been remixed in the way it was originally intended to be - a miscommunication led to the track being released on Zackey's "4x4 Scorpion" album before it could be fully fleshed out. It's hitting harder than ever now! ZFF & XL even take their brand of modern funk & blend it with house on "Rude Sensation." ZFF's first stepper (read: a more mellow, easy going take on funk) appears in the form of "Don't Be Late"; we get a vaporwavey, slow motion, thick-as-molasses cruiser on "Girls And Gangsters," and the duo even take it to minimal wave territory on "Cocaine Cream."

Written & performed by Zackey Force Funk.
Produced & mixed by XL Middleton.
All keyboards & vocoder by XL Middleton.


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