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Jordan GCZ, aka Jordan Czamanski, aka Jordash from Juju & Jordash delivers an insane EP for Future Times! He released his last beast, "Crybaby J" via his own Off Minor label last year, and joins us for another solo move.

A-Side "Swingonoguitaro" hits a very unique place. Far from chopping up typical disco guitar licks, J runs a fierce house rhythm through varying six-string zones, from rainy day Slippertronics and Cocteau strums to the dusted, poly-rhythmic bends that warp the song's ending. This track is a world of its own.

The B-Side leaves the galaxy altogether. "Digitalis" starts as cold, snake-charmer funk that gets washed away in outrageous keys and hovering, molten electronics. In GCZ's hands the track pulses and morphs; the production makes you feel like the song is filtering your brain. "Fusionfuk" closes the EP with a barrage of library gusto. Bizarre assembly-line cartoon rhythms compete with all the wild instrumental strokes of the song's namesake. Jordan showcases his amazing synth work on this one, destroying and rebuilding melodies at will.

Future Times ‎/// FT023

Vinyl: MINT / Jacket: MINT

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